Thursday, July 16, 2009

New! Relief for headache and sinus pain

If your sinuses are blocked or you have frequent headaches, you know how miserable these conditions can make your life. Now you can do something about it!

I am now offering a 45 minute massage treatment that specifically helps alleviate this type of pressure and pain.

The treatment starts with a hot towel to relax your face. Then I work on your scalp, neck, and shoulders to release tension and soothe sore areas. I finish the work on your head with another hot towel for your face, and move to your feet to work sinus related reflex points there. Very relaxing--and effective!

Don't spend another minute suffering with headache or sinus pain! Call me and book your first sinus session before September 1, 2009 and receive a $10 off your treatment.

Stay cool out there!

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