Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moist wipes. . .with a twist!

Another handy recipe, especially if you can't easily find wipes free of aloe and other ingredients you'd rather have on your skin. (My skin's fussy, how 'bout yours?)

You could also use this technique to make a few "Don't Bug Me!" (see posts) wipes for the road. Just fold a few paper towels and saturate with "DBM!" mixture and place in a ziploc bag. Or perhaps just choose citronella as the essential oil for this recipe. Be sure to mark those towels as bug repellent, not cleansing towelettes.

Moist Towelettes

20 to 24 Squares of white heavy-duty quality paper towels
1 cup Witch Hazel
1 teaspoon Glycerin
1-3 drops of essential oil of your choice

Combine the Witch Hazel, Glycerin, and essential oil. Mix well and set aside.

Next, separate and stack each of the paper towel squares from the roll; cut each square in half. You will now have rectangles. Fold each rectangle into thirds as if you would a letter. Now, fold each in half as if you were closing a book. Holding the stack of towels firmly closed, place in a pie pan and hold down with your finger. (Me, I'd just use those handy "Select-a-Size" rolls of paper towels, folding each narrow strip in half.)

Pour witch hazel mixture over towels. Let stand for a few minutes to absorb all of the liquid. Stack towels in an empty lidded plastic container or zip-lock type bag. Keep in your car, bathroom, gym locker or other useful places.

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