Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Relaxing Video

For those of you who like to see beautiful kaleidoscopes, this is a beautifully relaxing video. It would make a terrific Christmas gift!

Ken Mayering ( has been a jewel. When I first found his sample video on youtube, I liked it, but felt the images changed too fast to be relaxing. When I commented on it, he offered to slow it down. I loved the results, so ordered one this morning.

So visit his website, find a speed that you like, and contact Ken about your preferences. I can't wait to get mine, relax into the hammock, and bliss out!

Education to benefit you!

Whew! what a summer/fall it's been! This year, due to licensing changes, I had to do three times more CEUs than usual. This benefits both of us: I satisfy my craving for learning more, and you get even better service when you come for a treatment.

This year, I've learned headache and sinus care, shoulder care, and a wonderful new technique that is called SET (Simple Effective Techniques). I also just finished an ethics course, and one in body/mind theory, so I have learned enough to effect your body from head to toe!

Next month I'll have more time to post, so look for descriptions of these new treatments and how they can benefit you.

Happy Thanksgiving!