Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hammocks: Between Heaven and Earth

This summer I kept busy getting ready for the Class Ltd. fundraiser. It was a great success! I gave away a "Bathtime Bag", a pretty floral tote filled with relaxing bath supplies. A lavendar candle, nylon scubbie, rice eye bag, tea, Milano cookies, and a knight in shining armor. (The knight was on the cover of a paperback book!)

For those of you who've ever got me started talking about the many benefits of "Mayan Hammock Therapy" for pain relief, you know that I think these soft, comfortable hammocks are a godsend to those of us who are in pain.

Last year, I thought I might have to consider giving up my massage therapy practice due to arm and shoulder pain. Then I did some research and bought my first Mayan style hammock. After about a month of spending a minimum of 15 minutes a day in it, my pain was gone. I now have hammock hook-ups in my house, my yard, and my garden shed. Now I can grab a "hammock relaxation break" whenever I want or need it, no matter what the weather or time of day.

Mayan hammocks differ from American hammocks in that they don't have spreader bars. This makes for a more versatile and stable hammock. It's virtually impossible for a Mayan hammock to tump you out, where as those American ones can behave as badly as a bucking bronco. (I know, I've used both. I'll never go back to the American style.)

The trick to the most effective pain relief is that you lie crosswise instead of lengthwise in the hammock. (Another drawback to the American style--they're not big enough to lie crosswise.) This allows the fabric netting to conform to every curve of your spine and body, taking the pressure off all of your joints. Research has shown that these hammocks can be effectively used to relieve muscle pain, improve vestibular (inner ear) function, and soothe autistic children. They make delightful relaxation and meditation spots, and you can squirm around in them until you find the perfect spot.

The point is: I want to help people get a hammock into their home. They're just too valuable a self care tool to ignore! So I'll be stocking them soon (by September first for sure!). I've tried to keep the prices reasonable, and I may have a "Open Hammock" day where you can come experience firsthand the comfort of these beautiful floating beds.


Cotton Thin string in the following sizes:
Queen (supports up to 400 lbs, 7.31' wide, 14' long): $80
King (supports up to 480 lbs, 7.87' wide, 14' long): $90
Lg. hammock chair (supports up to 330 lbs.) $90

Colors will vary. Nylon models will be available if requested, but I don't find them nearly as comfortable or as effective as cotton for pain management.

A hammock, someone said, is like being cradled in the hand of God between heaven and earth. I heartily agree!

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